Tacori Diamond Rings

tacori engagement ring

Tacori diamond ring are hand-chosen by the world’s foremost gemology experts to ensure the highest quality. This uncompromising level of care and a spotlight to detail is named the Tacori Touch.

GIA Certified

Each and every Tacori Diamond is licensed by the Gemological Institute of America with a Very Good or Wonderful rating. This official certification by the world’s foremost authority on gemology ensures that each Tacori diamond meets the unmatched standards of high quality and sweetness unique to Tacori.

GemEx Licensed

Tacori uses GemEx certification to help make sure the collection of only those round diamonds that exhibit the utmost fire and brilliance. Based mostly on strict proportional guidelines verified by GemEx, Tacori Diamonds are rated Medium High to Very High for mild efficiency

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Lower Shapes

“Lower” describes the angles, shapes and proportions determined by a grasp gem cutter when he takes a “diamond in the tough” and turns it into a gorgeous, polished diamond. Tacori itself has 10 different lower shapes.

• Spherical Good Diamond – Perhaps the most well-liked shape. It has fifty eight facets, 33 above the girdle and 25 on the pavillion.
• Princess Cut Diamond – Gives further sides
• Radiant Cut Diamond – This variation on an oblong lower has 70 aspects to reflect light.
• Pear Formed Diamond – That is significantly flattering a woman with smaller hands.
• Oval Diamond – Similiar in brilliance to a spherical, however elongated.
• Marquise Diamond – The lenght of marquise lower makes finger appers long and slender.
• Coronary heart Formed Diamond – Very romantic and this is the last word symbol of affection.
• Emerald Reduce Diamond – Basic shape, elegant for a woman with long fingers.
• Cushion Lower – Separate white gentle into gorgeous spectral colours for a romantic, classic diamond look.
• Asscher Cut – Particularly well suited to a shimmer and shine in candlelight. Veru widespread minimize currently.


Essentially the most uncommon and invaluable color for this stone is taken into account “colorless.” Most diamonds actually have a tint of yellow, or less commonly, brown.

A colour scale created by the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, grades diamonds on a scale ranging from D to Z, with D being colorless. But not all shade detracts from value. Diamonds may also be found in a variety of colours including red, purple and even green.

These colors, when vivid and pure, are very uncommon and regarded extremely desirable. Vibrant yellow diamonds and pinks are currently in vogue. Tacori only selects I-D shade diamonds.

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